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SwordCat Knights™ Characters

Kathryn O'Mega Kennedy SwordCat Knights princess lesbian superhero romance webcomic comic book comics webcomics bi bisexual"I have swords!"
-Kathryn O'Mega (aka Artemis the SwordCat)

Birth Name: Kathryn Ronea Delilah Artemis O'Brian
Alias: Kathryn Kennedy
Code Names: Artemis, SwordCat, Artemis the SwordCat
Nicknames: Kitty, Kittles, Kat, Kit, Mrs. O'Stabby's Cow
Age: 1,021
Powers: Immortality. Healing touch. Can understand and speak any language. Magic ring can absorb/recreate clothing, armor, and weapons. Laser swords (when in '90s SwordCat "battle-knickers" costume).
Occupation: Owner and CEO of OmegaCorp. Formerly held title of Artemis in the ranks of Oberon's Knights, now operates as a rogue Knight.
History: Kathryn was born a princess in 997 A.D. Ireland, the youngest daughter of Irish royals High King Brian Boru and his queen Gormflaith. Wulf the Quarrelsome, the captain of the King's guard, trained Kathryn to be a fierce and skilled warrior, despite her father's misgivings. In the battle to save Castle Boru, Kathryn was struck by lightning, becoming a semi-immortal Squire. Her betrothed, Sir Étienne, perished in the fight, and she used his blood as warpaint before rejoining the fray. She later trained to become a Knight in Lord Oberon's ranks.
Present Day: Now a millennium-old immortal, Kathryn has been MIA for the last few years, trapped in a frozen sarcophagus by James and Arayna to protect civilians from Kathryn's rampage. Kathryn has recently been forcibly rescued. She has returned to helping save civilians, but is now distant and violent, using her battles and rescues as opportunities for suicide attempts.

Homicide Detective Erica Jane Richards SwordCat Knights bi bisexual lesbian superhero romance sex comics webcomics webcomic"I was wearing panties? Huh..."
-Erica Richards

Birth Name: Erica Jane (Surname unknown)
Adoptive Name: Erica Jane Richards
Nicknames: Ericles, Boobs McKenzie
Stage Name: iAmerica
Age: A lady never tells (not that she's much of a lady...)
Powers: Multiple orgasms.
Skills: Detective-ing. Tall slut, no panties.
Occupation: NYPD Homicide Detective
History: Erica was born in Neptune City, NJ. As a young girl, she witnessed her mother's murder and her sister's abduction. Her father then gave her up for her own protection. She was adopted by NYPD Homicide Detective Richard Dawson, father of sons Jack and Nicky. Erica had a troubled childhood and adolescence. She found a role model in urban legend superhero vigilante Artemis, and then in her apparent replacement, SwordCat. Erica resolved to become a police officer and entered the NYPD Police Academy. She was sidelined after being pulled up onstage to sing with British "rock god" James Barrington. They married and lived a sex, drugs, and rock & roll lifestyle. Erica finally divorced James, took daughter Jayde with her, and rejoined the NYPD.
Present Day: Erica is now a homicide detective. She flaunts her unconventional (and often wildly unprofessional) approach to her job, but manages to remain on the force due to her uncanny powers of observation leading to a high rate of closed cases.

NYPD police officer Jack Dawson Jacques King Arthur Chosen One SwordCat Knights superhero comics webcomics webcomic"F*** you, ghost dad."
-Jack Dawson

Birth Name: Jacques Dawson
Nickname: Ass-face, Gashqueef
Age: None of your damn business
Powers: Bitter Irish liver.
Skills: Illegal interrogations.
Occupation: NYPD Officer
History: Jack loved being a cop's son as a young boy, but grew apart from his father Det. Richard Dawson after he adopted Erica. He blamed his father's decision to take the orphaned Erica in for breaking up Richard's marriage to Jack's mother. After Richard died, Jack decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the force -- for the sole purpose of hunting Artemis down, certain she was his father's killer.
Present Day: Jack hates Artemis, and keeps a wall of Artemis-related newpaper clippings, photos, and artwork on his wall; he uses the collage as a dartboard.

SwordCat Knights superhero webcomic Julia Beron faerie fairy princess fairies faeries Oberon Shakespeare Midsummer Night's Dream"My butt demands William Wallace-esque freedom."

Birth Name: Princess Julia of Avalon
Alias: Julia O'Beron (in human form)
Nickname: Jewels
Age: Roughly 4,000 (barely looks 18)
Powers: Energy bolts. Teleportation. Healing touch. Flight. Matter manipulation. Shape-shifting. Invisibility.
Skills: Peeing in plant pots.
Occupation: Student and Squire.
History: Julia was raised on Avalon, a cloistered upbringing which had her bored and longing to explore the outside world -- from which she can hear the pain of suffering humans all day, every day. She has run away several times, including a lengthy absence in the late 1700s during which she had a romance with James Barrington.
Present Day: Julia has again run away from Avalon, appearing in New York City; she quickly finds James Barrington again, but their happy reunion is cute short by Oberon's punishing her by forcing her to live as a human with no memory of James.

SwordCat Knights superhero webcomics James Barrington superhero Fangus Bitus sex superhero webcomic British raised by wolves"Bugger your stupid face."
-James Barrington

Birth Name: James Arthur Piccadilly Barrington
Aliases: Ben Dover, Bames Jarrington
Code Name: Fangus Bitus
Nicknames: J.B., Jimmy B.
Calendar Age: 531
Actual Age: Unknown
Powers: Immortality. Healing touch.
Skills: Peeing on cop cars. Drinking all the beer. Having all the sex.
Occupation: Student and Squire.
History: James was born in London in 1547. His father decided he and his wife couldn't afford to raise him, and they abandoned him in the woods before his second birthday. He was discovered by a wolf pack, who raised him as one of their own. He was later discovered by civilized men who took him back to London with them. It was there that James was made immortal under somewhat mysterious circumstances which fractalized his timeline, sending him into several loops into the past and future (it was on one of these loops, to the year 1012, that he met a young Princess Kathryn O'Brian lived in Castle Boru, before returning later to the moment he became immortal). In the late 1700s, James began a romance with Julia; when discovered, an angry Lord Oberon blasted James up to the surface of the moon, where he was stuck for 100 years. After his sentence of a century of exile ended, he fell off the moon and landed in 1875 Arizona; there, he aided Sheriff Jackie "Sundown" Quinn, along with Kathryn. James and Kathryn cross paths many more times for the next century while James tries out jobs ranging from superhero to fighter pilot to spy to rock star. Kathryn finally becomes so dangerous to the innocent that James and Arayna have no choice but to exile her to frozen stasis in the prison ice moat around Lord Oberon's palace.
Present Day: James is a washed-up rock star, and is now an aimless drunken criminal. He runs into Julia again; after Lord Oberon smites her with iron poisoning, his only chance to save her life is to take her to Kathryn and her sister, Arayna.

SwordCat Knights webcomic comics webcomics French English Indian Kali Intellexi Druid Robért Chandler Bobby butler British"I'm afraid you're dead. Again."
-Robért Chandler

Birth Name: Robért Chandler
Nicknames: Bobby, Bob
Age: So tired he almost doesn't even remember.
Powers: Some sorcery.
Skills: Tea and cakes. Fencing/swordplay. Paranormal research. Unflappability.
Occupation: Intellexi Druid Sorcerer/Butler
History: Robért was born in England. He is the son of Mr. Langley Chandler, an Intellexi Druid observer of Lord Oberon's immortal Knights, and his Indian mother. He loved cars as a child, and wanted to be a mechanic when he grew up. His father insisted he join the Intellexi instead.
Present Day: Robért is Kathryn's Intellexi Druid observer. He keeps her 1908 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost running, and nursemaids her when she needs bullets tweezed out.

NYPD Homicide Detective Richard Dawson SwordCat Knights webcomic webcomics comic book books comics superhero superheroes"Can't just shoot that thing anywhere you feel like..."
-Richard Dawson

Birth Name: Richard M. Edwin Dawson
Nickname: Dick
Age: 64 (at time of death)
Powers (Before Death): None.
Powers (After Death): Walking through walls. Invisibility. Hovering.
Occupation (Before Death): NYPD Homicide Detective
Occupation (After Death): Haunting his son
History: In the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Richard Dawson was a good detective in a corrupt NYC precinct. Artemis, other superheroes, and monsters were considered urban legends, but he knew the truth -- Artemis was real, and she was his friend. He helped her avoid ever getting caught as a vigilante, and she helped him catch the tougher criminals and monsters. She was present when he was killed, leading Jack to believe she was responsible for his death.
Present Day: Richard has since returned to Jack -- either as a ghost, or a delusion.

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