For anyone who missed this, I can't post it on my fan art forum without a censor, so here it is:

Early version of MacKnight is the inked face; he got BEEFY later.

Upper right IS naked Erica; all my figures start that way, I do hate dressing some of the hotter ladies. Yes, I am that pathetic. She's standing on her own head there.

Above Mac is James Barrington (who figures heavily in issue #2). Kathryn without makeup framed by the unseen moon is below him, with the old giant blingy cross.

I think that's Kathryn again at the bottom pointing her butt at us, but that was 6 and a half years ago, so who knows?


The figure by Kathryn is no one, just practice.

Kathryn's costume is pretty much nailed by this point (in 2006), but I eventually lost the brocade-y crackle in the black sections (changed them from metal to leather).

The faerie's name is Julia; you'll see more of her and James Barrington™ (the "Wot?" guy) in issue #2. You've already seen James -- he's the letch staring as the girl's skirt flies up from the streak of light. He also has pointy armor, something I need to give to as many characters as possible because it's just SO easy to draw. Over and over.

As for the caption... sometimes I get bored. I really don't even remember writing it. Based on the hair, I think the figure was meant to be Kathryn, but the caption suggests Erica.


James' costume is different now, since I gave this iteration of his shoulder spikes to to Smiley instead, retaining his original spiked plate armor.

Naked Julia the faerie girl is NAKED. This is a sort-of preview of the cover to issue #2, just you wait.

Sorry Erica -- I love bad puns. Sadly, we don't get to see Erica in a bra again for the rest of this story. Or... maybe I'll have a monster eat her shirt or something.

The last one was an attempt at my Superman-esque character (everyone has one now). I was trying out hard pencils, and I hated them.



In the upper left we have Arayna (TM!), Kathryn's vampire sister who will debut in issue #3. Jack's face is as lopsided here as mine really is. I love this pic of Kathryn, though her nose is too small (as she is part African) and her cross is so big it's blingy. Erica's apparently Rogained the living hell out of her forehead, not sure how that happened. The rest are just practice roughs.


Julia's post here ended up getting (somewhat) borrowed for the issue #2 cover.


This page is me working out James Barrington's look (goatee or NOtee) and armor for EK issue 2.

Topless Erica was as pretty a thing as I could think of to test out inking with my (then) new brush marker as recommended by Michael Lark.

I still use the brush for black areas and finishing effects, but I do linework with standard art markers, as I have more control, it's faster, and my hand hurts less when I'm done.:)


This is from 1998, when Kathryn was 2 years old (in my brain, anyway), and my last name was still Collopy. It means baby horse or something stupid.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a swim pinup; this was her costume at the time. I know, right? Blame Withblade, and EVERY OTHER FEMALE COMIC CHARACTER AT THE TIME OH GOD THEY EVEN PUT SUE STORM IN A BATTLE-KINI AT ONE POINT.

I soon realized she needed three things: armor that covered more than 3 square inches, flats, and pants.

Oh, and she used to have like an Uzi for some reason. I'm SO glad I didn't have a finished script to draw back then.

Tiffany & Rex!

This sketch page is here to remind you that T&R still exists and will update here and there -- today, and twice next week (probably Tues. and Thurs.). EK's own Arayna has a backstory, and here it is: she's wearing a suit in this sketch because she used to be a Prof. X-esque principal at a school for superkids.

The other lady is Anne, Tiffany's mom (the thinner version based on an old sketch of a character for a class project).

The boy is Tommy, one of my favorite characters to write. I can't wait 'til he shows up in T&R. Don't the the notes fool you, he doesn't have a giant third eye. His actual power is MUCH cooler and funnier.



Audible Sigh

This is a development sketch from aught-o-five, back when I was working on the first draft of the script I'm currently illustrating. It's shrimpy, but I always liked it.


Hope you enjoy this -- instead of another sketchbook page, this week's non-story update is a page I cut on the last major edit. It takes place after Page 10 and before Page 11, which used to be Page 12.

Panel 1: Smiley paces as hostages cower. The baby cries.

Panel 2: Smiley looks at baby, making mom nervous.

Panel 3: Smiley stoops and wipes the baby's tear.

Panel 4: Smiley offers baby a lollipop as a hostage takes the fire extinguisher on the wall.

Panel 5: Hostage makes eye contact with mom.

Panel 6: Mom nods.

Panel 7: Hostage swings --

Panel 8: -- Smiley catches it.

Panel 9: Smiley faces hostage, takes it, and tells him to be a "good hostage."

Panel 10: Smiley leans in at mom, close and creepy...

Then Kathryn kicks him in the head. I still consider this page as having happened, and it will be referenced in a later story, but in trying to cut issue #1 down to 24 pages (to average out with issue #2's 20 to 22 pages per issue), this just didn't add enough to the narrative to justify the increased page count.


I slapped this together for a thread in the forum where a lovely person has offered to draw other people's characters. I struggled on the cape lining for a good 15 minutes. Almost went red, but I like the purple better. It makes her night-ier.


Here's another peek into the creative process. It's a cut page, #27 (which would sort of be #23 in the current version of the book).

Some of the material for this page made it into #23, which this page used to follow, preceding #24.

It got cut because I realized I had essentially used the same beat (Kathryn stating she would leave) twice in the same scene. It worked as semi-realistic conversation, but was unnecessary story-wise.

I don't much miss it, except for panels 3 and 8, which were among my favorite prep sketches of Kathryn in all the layouts. And I miss that we learn a little more about about Smiley, but I guess we don't really NEED to know. The pacing's better this way.

Monday Mystery - REVEALED!


I am the new Alan Moore, in that I lace my stories with symbology and minute detail.

This image has appeared a few times in the background of Kathryn's office; it's meant to be a drawing Kathryn did in the early '40s to figure out how to arrange the members of KnightGuard -- the superhero team she was a part of then -- for a good dynamic portrait.

Kathryn is an artist; this detail factors into several future stories. She has drawn herself in her old costume (giant A!), along with James looking pointy to her right, and Arayna looking vampy to her left. The reason she keeps her rough framed above the doors and not the actual photo is that she's proud of her composition, but can't stand to look at the actual faces of friends she's lost --

The obvious Superman and Batman archetypes -- Valor and Scar -- are both dead.

The lady in the fishnets is Zora, the bartender seen in the background early in issue 2. She plays a MAJOR role in later stories.


Centcomm 16th Sep 2013, 4:31 PM delete reply
nice work!
Tibbittz 16th Sep 2013, 5:48 PM edit delete reply
You're just saying that 'cause you made my top ten comics list TWICE...;)

...seriously though, thanks. I'm going to make the "photograph" version at some point, but it hasn't found its way into a plot yet.:)
Centcomm 16th Sep 2013, 5:50 PM delete reply

hehe - still your art is wonderful!



 photo Sketch-1-31-2006-TimmStyle-800.jpg This isn't a bonus so much as a "Hey, I missed Monday's sketch so, um, HERE!" This is a fun one. I always loved Bruce Timm's style. For 3 minutes or so, I considered doing EK in this style. 4/12 Way back in aught-o-five, I was trying to figure out how to get a drybrush effect without actually drybrushing. I came up with standard ink lines and pencil shading, intending to boost the contrast in Photoshop to "meld" the two media. It ended up being good training for actual drybrushing. Oh and Julia's here too.  photo Sketch-12-1-2005-800.jpg 4/10: Here we have lopsided Kathryn -- an experiment in combining ink lines and pencil shading, before I learned to properly dry brush. Serious Jack is SERIOUS. Red Sonja and the portrait next to her are both my lovely friend Wendy Gifford, who used to cosplay and perform as the character.  photo Sketch-12-2-2005-800.jpg 4/5: Back in 1998 when I was 17 and Eternal Knights was still a young and underdeveloped thing, I realized that a lady cannot effectively fight crime in a bikini and heels. I wish they could 'cause it's like totally hot and stuff, but pants and flats are what any semblance of respect and reality demanded. I researched medieval armor (using my library card LIKE A BOSS) and came up with this, vaguely based on some Spanish armor (Kathryn was supposed to be Spanish at that point for I don't know why). I've refined the design quite a lot since -- the smallest and stupidest change being lowering the waistband to give her belly jeans, and the biggest change being her boxy shoulder armor inspired mostly by Shi. You can even see the beginnings of the Eternal Knights logo here, along with a note that at least one of these boots "sucks". Quasi-feminism at it's teenaged male comic artist wannabe best. Enjoy.  photo Sketch-Kath-Armor-1998-800.jpg Usually I post a page with some Eternal Knights characters, but this page is just so turtle-y. This is Spider-Man, Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Marv from Frank Miller's Sin City, all done for a drawing thread on the Jinxworld Brian Micheal Bendis forum, back when I used to have, y'know, time.  photo DrawingThread2008-800.jpg Curse Erica's sexy lack of pants. I need to find a way to work that into a script. More development work, done around when I was first typing the script -- my first successful attempt at a feature-length story.  photo Sketch-10-8-2005-800.jpg I drew these sketches while in the midst of putting the EK script together. I was in the midst of trying to make Loomis' figure construction techniques my own. In the midst of all of this, NIPPLES!!! I don't know why Erica is falling over. Midst. The top left and bottom right figures are James and Kathryn, and of course that's Julia with the wings.  photo Sketch-2-7-2006-PerkyNipplePower-800.jpg This painting of Julia is the first full gouache painting I did when I imagined I might become the next Alex Ross. I actually showed this to Alex Ross. I think he thought I was looking for work -- Alex Ross! If you happen to read this, I was just looking for a pat on the head. Swearsies. Yes, I used Jennifer Aniston as a reference. Yes, Julia originally had giant butterfly wings, which are an enormous pain to draw. Yes, that's a duck holding a tomato. More on that later.  photo JuliaCover-800.jpg


Boy Phaff 20th Apr 2013, 1:59 PM edit delete reply
Boy Phaff
Oh my, this is nice!
Tibbittz 20th Apr 2013, 6:49 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! In spite of any rough edges, it's one of my favorite pieces I've done to date.

Some people have seen this Spider-man before, but not M.J. nor the Superman below where I try very hard to be Ron Garney.  photo 2-8-22-2006-800.jpg Now, this is an oddity, to be sure. I AM SURE. I was in an art class run by the lovely Todd Herman, a couple lovely subs, and finally the bemustachioed Dan Schaefer. We were going to put together an anthology at some point in 2000; the idea fizzled, of course, but not before I wrote and drew a 7-page Eternal Knights story that has never seen print, and not before I painted this for effectively no reason. The character, if I remember, is called The Citizen, and is an obvious Superman parody. He was created by Nick D'Auria, a classmate. This piece wasn't part of a story or intended as a pinup or cover. I think I just wanted to practice painting and show myself that I could make the slightly silly design work in a real world setting. I used an Alex Ross Superman piece as reference.  photo Citizen2000-800.jpg  photo PrevEK-Issue3-Page21-Linework.jpg By request, here is the process my art goes through to become so arty. Above is step 1 and 2 together, blue pencils (to select with magic wand and remove in Photoshop). After all this, I first add the black areas... THUSLY:

 photo PrevEK-Issue3-Page21-LineworkBlack.jpg

...then I THUSLY add the grey shading, mostly using a black Pentel color brush marker. I hold it at horizontal as I can and use as little pressure as possible THUSLY:

 photo PrevEK-Issue3-Page21-FinalArt.jpg

That's the raw scan; from there, I clean up and make corrections (missing leg, anyone?) and add the background -- unusual, that step, but I wanted a blurred effect. I mark my mistakes with black dot (or several), then apply Pro-white to the mistake and the dot(s). 29th Apr 2013, 9:15 PM Hi. So. Issue #4 was to start today, delayed two weeks by my father's surprise passing. The cover is pencilled and partially inked, but I haven't been able to complete it. I've been busy helping my CP-afflicted wife more due to erratic staffing, and helping my mom and sister while my sister stays in the hospital. My sister has been having motor function issues for a while now, but they were so odd and vague that we have been unable to pin it down. It's MS. It's fucking exotic MS. A stroke would have been better. Even the doctors have said so. M fucking S. My first word after hearing the diagnosis: "Shit." It's looking pretty bad right now. We are hoping steroid treatment will improve it, but... it's looking pretty bad. I tried to distract myself with sitcoms tonight, but I barely laughed. It's a little hard to do anything right now; I'm oscillating between numb, angry, and sad with a depth I've not know before. I have some very good friends. My wife is an angel. My mother is tough. My sister still smiles and gets/ignores my dumb jokes. I'm hoping the best I can right now, but it's really hard. Issue #4 will start Wednesday. Sorry for the delay from the delay. I picked my break and return dates based on life making sense, which it more or less did a month ago. Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this (yet another) placeholder. I picked this really old sketch of Worf because, as a HUGE Star Trek fan -- even huger than me -- it's one of the few drawings I've ever done that really amused my sister in any way. I'm going to take some Trek DVDs to her hospital room tomorrow. I'm going to finish that cover for Wednesday. I'm going to cry very hard at some point here. Good night. -Caley


SaudadePR 1st May 2013, 10:30 AM edit delete reply
I'm sad to hear such bad news! Hope everything ends today better than yesterday. Be strong!
kwbarrett 20th May 2013, 3:53 PM edit delete reply
I am so sorry, that is a real crapstorm of a couple of weeks. You have my full and total sympathy and respect for even getting anything up here.
Tibbittz 21st May 2013, 5:37 AM edit delete reply
My thanks to both of you for the kind words of support. After treatment, my sister is speaking normally again. She needs a walker and has memory issues, but at least she's coherent enough to still enjoy her Star Trek. I'm going to take her to see the new one soon.
rogerben 21st May 2013, 10:33 PM edit delete reply
I just want to add my sympathies here... you're dealing with the kind of stuff we all dread, and I can only hope that your work here gives you some kind of occasional respite from the stress of the situation.

 photo 34785eded3349dbc6c208e7c58c2c7ed303835519.jpg 1st May 2013, 10:03 PM I deeply apologize for yet another filler. Between hospital sister and nearly-staffless CP wife, I have almost no time to draw. Issue #4 cover is almost done. I'll have it up ASAP. I picked this sketch page because it's a little like getting a comic, with MacKnight and Robert bantering. I get bored doing practice stuff and often add nonsensical captions; this is the first one that was a whole scene that kinda worked. A refined version will appear in a distant future issue of EK. Bulling ball, -Caley Tibbittzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...  photo e591f9ea0cb999396fafe3602322a496283085337.jpg 13th May 2013, 9:12 PM I've been up since 5:15 am, I've day jobbed and shipped eBay crap and met with new care worker co. for wife and I DON'T HAVE IT IN ME NOW. Anyway. Here's why you're glad I didn't start publishing this a decade sooner. New page is 3/4 done, WILL be up Wednesday (I work exactly 2.5 day job hours in the next two days). Tish facos, -Caley  photo kathryn.jpg I've got an ear infection and no staffing for my sweet CP wife after 12pm, so thanks to Spaces for the super-cute fan art! This is her interpretation of Kathryn; to see her interpretation of his own characters, check out her cool webcomics Yestergirls and Super-muse! Thanks again, Spaces!  photo eternalknightfaerie800.jpg Thanks to Robotwin for the cool fan art! This is his interpretation of Julia the faerie; to see his interpretation of his own characters, check out his cool webcomic here! Thanks again, Robotwin! 29th May 2013, 3:21 PM So, while I'm waiting for my CP wife's new staffing company to both start and once having started learn the ROPES, I'm running this story EVERY DAY FOR 7 DAYS! I drew it for Alan Rowlands (who wrote some Power Man & Iron Fist issues back in the '80s, among other projects) back in 1999(!). Currently, Alan's working on this: Alone With The Mime. LIKE IT. Inks by Dan Schaefer. I will be working on EK issue 4 page 3 as much as possible to post on 06/07. I started pencilling it today. Numbthuckles, -Caley Tibbittz P.S. AND LETTERS TOO!  photo Crooked-Page1-2013scan-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page2-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page3-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page4-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page5-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page6-800.jpg photo Crooked-Page7-800.jpg


Cryder 3rd Jun 2013, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
in the land of the blind....

Tibbittz 3rd Jun 2013, 5:40 PM edit delete reply


Cryder 5th Jun 2013, 4:12 PM edit delete reply
I love his face shrouded in shadow in the second panel 5th Jun 2013, 7:18 PM edit delete reply

Cool noir.


Sketch page.


Still sick and working, so instead of anything remotely useful, today's
update is one of my favorite bits of the nonsense I've produced under
the crushing boredom of practice.

I like doing. I hate practice. Practice is, to borrow from Costanza,
"Just masturbation." Doing? Doing is sex. Doing is banging a supermodel.

I am sleep-deprived.

This is Jack, shirtless for no reason and skeevy for even less. He'll be
beefcaking it in the next story page update, so this is an accidental semi-
preview of his man-nipply goodness.


I've Got (Lin)wood


New page *should* be up Saturday. Wife will be on vacation, and I will have
lots of EK time. So yay.

Now, this filler: I don't know why I jammed Kathryn way to one side. If you
look at the dates, I didn't draw the Linwoods until over two years later.

(Linwood -- y'know, MacKnight's right hand guy with the cancer diagnosing
and all that jazz?)

Linwood was a tough character to get right. Even though these are the only
prep drawings I did. He was the last major character to get designed, and
the only one I didn't see at least somewhat clearly in my head before the
launch into this nutty little enterprise of comic bookery.

But why is there an old AND a young version? Here's a hint: Linwood's an
alias. Old Linwood will be seen in the upcoming EK spinoff, which will
*SPERLERS* star Arayna.

I love Arayna.

I think Kathryn looks great here. I kinda wish I'd kept on developing her
in this style. It's a little simpler and more elegant than what I do now.
I like how big her boobs have gotten since 2008 though.


Batman Don't Coast, Yo.



...okay, my ass is covered. This was an example sketch I did when I started
offering $5 3x5 sketches to fund coloring. I made a point of letting people
know it was for sale, but no one wanted it. Weird.

Trying hard to get the next new page up by Friday or Saturday.


MacKnight + Monsters


New page will be up Monday, working hard on it. Inking, baby.

This is a prep sketch I did of MacKnight, leading up to EK's launch.
I ripped the turtleneck thing off from Gargoyles' Xanatos, but once
Igot into it, I decided open silk shirts were more appropriate, be-
cause they are more inappropriate.

The guy with him is Malachi, the main villain for the next arc. Not
that everyone survives this arc or anything.

The monster, a Garrokna demon, shows up in the first story following
this one (and made a cameo back in the Zora DaiQuirides bar scene,
when Jack told the Bartender to blow him.

I am clearly a great writer.


One Big Stabby Family...


New page will be up Monday? What a larf. ARGH. Sorry guys, gals, guy-gals,
and sexless dolphins. I meant to draw on Sunday to get this done today, but
10 hours on the phones Saturday had me more wrecked than the vagina of a
two-dollar hooker. I recouped all Sunday, like a zombie in tourist shirt
watching great TV (Person of Interest) and terrible TV (like Hell's

I had to work today, and though I tried to draw between shifts, it was in
vain -- I fucked up a sword three(!) times. A sword -- I mean, you
"draw" the fuckin' thing with a RULER. Oi.

I have only one phone hour tomorrow, so I'll be finishing the next page
for Wednesday.


I like this sketchbook page a lot -- not just because it's some of the
best, most on-model, most naturally animated art I've ever done, but be-
cause it's a rarity to see the 6 main characters on one page...

...but here we have sexy Erica being slut-shamed by Arayna (who is a little
too tall and should not be crotch-to-crotch with Erica on a horizon line
without a step stool), clearly drunk James, skydancing Julia, bitter and
serious and suspicious Jack, and teeny-tiny sword-bearing Kathryn (mostly)
of of costume.

That Valor guy (a Superman analogue of sorts but obviously much better
than Busiek's shitty one-note one 'cause I'm a fuckin' genius yo) got cut
from the 172-page version of the script which preceded the "final"
scripts, at David Aspmo's suggestion (hence some of that editorial/story
advisor credit). Valor is mentioned by MacKnight at the end of issue #4,
but won't be seen until I think the 7th issue that follows this 8-issue



My Best Sketch Page


I don't what I ate the day I drew this sketchbook page; if I could remember,
I'd never eat anything else ever again. I love to draw, but it's usually a
challenge -- these babies FLOWED, man. It was great. And no references!

There will be a new story page next week, and a new color page. Sadly, I
cannot get them done tomorrow, as I will be taking 11.5(!) hours of phone



Behind the Scenes: Evolution of a (Former) Cover


I really wanted to get the next page done today, but I ended up having an
editor's epiphany when I went to thumbnail it -- I ended up cutting a page
off the end of the current scene and writing a new one (that may not even
make it in anyway). I'm well into the pencils, and it should be up Wed.!

Today's placeholder shows the process I went through to create the first
cover to Issue #2 (now an interior page). I had a blown-up copy of a cover
thumbnail, but I decided I didn't like how centered James was. Why? Well,
James Barrington's splashy entry into Kathryn's messy life needed more than
danger and comedy -- it needed to be sexy. Stupid sexy. Cheeky sexy.

Panty shot it was.

I roughed the new approach over the old, then lightboxed it onto new paper
with a big ol' Sharpie. In this tertiary image, I'm lost with Julia's arms
and she's not nearly cute enough. I gave her fatter cheeks in the final ver-
sion and, I think, really nailed it.

This and the super-detailed page in #2 where James asks if she's cold are
the two best pics of Julia I've ever done. She's really hard to get right

I actually like James' face better in the tertiary rough, but what can you
do? Everyone's looking at Julia's knickers anyhow...


Sketch: Kathryn's Pussy


Spoilers: Erica eventually gifts Kathryn with a loud, demanding, annoying
cat. I have based this cat on my wife's cat, and given it the same name as
well (Meleika).

This sketch page was me trying to figure out Kathryn's armor in three di-
mensions, making sure it all would work. Also deciding if a skirt would
work better than pants. She's operated as a superhero with pretty solid
consistency since 1938 (and before that simply as a Knight), so I'm sure
this version of her costume will show up in a future flashback (which al-
most sounds like an oxymoron, but isn't).

Smiley even mentions their previous encounter in Whitechapel during the
Ripper era early in issue #5; I've written a story that takes place about
three and a half years after this current arc that includes several flash-
backs to Kathryn's assisting Inspector Abberline in a era-appropriate cos-
tume with a longer skirt.

Pants won for the modern era, largely because I didn't want impressionable
young ladies stumbling on Eternal Knights and getting the impression that
a lady must wear a skirt to be a lady. Nothing intrinsically wrong
with a skirt, but it felt a little regressive in this particular context.


VanEzzania 30th Jun 2014, 6:17 PM delete reply
VanEzzania I'm guessing that its really awkward to tell your wife that you drew her