#5, Pg. 8 | Brian Boru's Caladbolg

#5, Pg. 8 | Brian Boru's Caladbolg

April 21, 2014 in Issue 5
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Author Notes:

Caley Tibbittz Collopy 22nd Apr 2014, 9:48 AM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
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I've been told I don't do enough wide/establishing shots. And I don't. Because no one ever remembers that wide shot so they could really take in that office -- they remember faces. Emotions. Kicks. And tits.

Speaking of tits (and I pretty much always am), in continuing my theme of Breasts = Humanity and Connection or Lack Thereof, anyone who's feeling clever and detective-y should go back and looks at Arayna's silver-coating boobage on this page.

Did you do it? Did you? Too lazy? Well, here's yer sperlers:

We start with her breasts covered by Smiley's arm. Then we can see her chest, but it points away from POV Kathryn, toward MacKnight. She's on the wrong path, covered by wrongness, pointing toward wrongness. Her chest is then cropped entirely out of the last two panels -- distancing us from her humanity, her softness, her familial instincts. Instead, all we get is her cold, inhuman, pseudo-face.

No, this Alan Moore bullshit is not why the pages take so bloody long. I don't even know why that is anymore. I should have new day job news soon; if it pans out, I'll have a LOT more time for SCK. For now? I'll keep limping forward. The output is stuck in low gear, but I'm doing my best to keep the quality in top gear.

I ride a bike, and thus have no idea what I'm even saying. THUS.

Most of my characters just kinda announce what they're doing most of the time, so I rarely get to do big reveals like this. It's fun. Kathryn's used to mangling herself at this point, as she's been suicidal for a while now. The revelation that Arayna's been working with MacKnight cuts much deeper than actual cutting.

As for why MacKnight takes SO MUCH of her arm, he picked that spot in the hopes that the shock, blood loss, and sheer volume of regrowth necessary for recovery would incapacitate Kathryn for a while. We'll see how well he guessed on the next page.;)

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Soup sock,

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Proxy170 22nd Apr 2014, 1:25 PM
Just finished reading! I'm a bit confused on some of the details, but I get what's generally going on! Now this page makes so much more sense though from when I first saw it on the forums. Is Arayna a shapeshifter of some sort too?
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 22nd Apr 2014, 2:47 PM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Oh, wow, that was fast.

In reference to clarity, I have a list of edits to make to the first three issues, which *should* help a bit with the clarity. There are a couple pretty soupy pages in there and some lines of dialogue that could stand a bit more forthrightness. If there are any nits you'd like to pick, feel free.

In regard to Arayna, the Silver Smiley getup is special "liquid" armor she's made with her ring, with fake pointy ears to (try to) disguise herself. Despite being much younger, she's better with her ring than Kathryn is.

Thanks so much for reading! And so quickly!
Proxy170 22nd Apr 2014, 2:52 PM
Yea, I relied more on the art than the dialogue to figure out what was going on, because sometimes it was hard to follow the dialogue--mainly because I didn't know who was talking.
I'm curious as to what made Arayna betray Kathryn, but I assume that will be answered in future pages ^_^
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 22nd Apr 2014, 3:01 PM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Hm, interesting. I've not heard that nit before, but I think it confirms something I've long been afraid of: some of my pages are likely overwritten. I'll go through with a small editorial hacksaw at some point and trim things a bit, make it all easier to follow. Thanks, this sort of thing is helpful.

As for Arayna's motivations, she believes in MacKnight's talk of using Oberon's power to make the world a better place. She's looking out for her sister Kathryn, who she knows has been in a suicidal funk. She knows Kathryn will eventually figure something out -- just because she can't die doesn't mean she can't end up gone (at the bottom of the ocean, for instance) or even worse, transformed into a monster of some kind. Or a pile of frogs.

In this universe, one can become a pile of frogs with the right spell.

It's easy for Arayna to believe in MacKnight, since MacKnight believes in his own righteousness. On the other hand, dude lives in a pentagram.