#5, Pg. 4 | Obsession, by Jack Dawson

#5, Pg. 4 | Obsession, by Jack Dawson

February 14, 2014 in Issue 5
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Author Notes:

Caley Tibbittz Collopy 14th Feb 2014, 7:46 PM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
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SwordCat Writes | A Digital Letter Column

Creating the apartment of the bitter, obsessive Jack Dawson, driven at least a little crazy by the death of his father, seemingly murdered at the hands of Artemis, has driven me a little crazy. I've spent all week on this -- my shoulders are stiff as all living fuck, my eyes are bleeding, and I'm pretty damn happy with how it came out.



And it's SO complex, the newspaper articles are actually readable(!) up close. I think I spent between 3 and 4 hours just on writing them.

I couldn't have done it without the help of my contributors, listed below in new section right below my idiotic signature. You guys stepped up BIG and helped me sell the idea of a world in which SCP's Artemis is a media figure and urban legend. Cheers to you all.

(Oh, and I threw a fanart I did of Terri Hale's DataChasers in the mix -- panel 1, bottom left: it's Dolly and Ceci! READ HER COMIC, it is GREAT!)

You maybe noticed all the Artemis/Diana paintings; the idea there is that Jack is trying to figure out how far back Artemis goes, and if the modern version is attached to the Greek god. He buys posters of the paintings and draws Kathryn's face paint on them. He's also written crazy-person ramble-notes on most of the pictures.

This got so much more complex than what was in the script.

Thank you all so much -- and Rokuliluy, your gorgeous piece will be used as an in-universe Artemis comic cover, which may appear on the page after next, but will DEFINITELY appear later this issue in Erica's apartment. Thanks again for making it, and I didn't forget it -- I saved it for something special.:)

...and to the resta youse all out there in readioland: I still need YOUR help on this issue of SwordCat Princess:

Draw Erica and Artemis!
In any random style that might amuse you -- there is a LOT of stuff left to "hang" on Erica and Jack's wall -- and YOUR art could be there too!

Issue #5 features the reveal of the Jack's and Erica's apartments, which are plastered with pictures of Artemis (and of Erica at her place).

So draw either, or both -- you get credit, and a link to whatever the damn hell you want to promote posted not only along with this comic, but under EVERY page of the comic in the "Contributors" section below help you perma-pimp your shiznite (it's only on this page today, but I'm'a edit in below all the rest).

So... please?

Legal: I can post, print, and use in perpetuity all submitted art in any media, existing now or when we're all Futurama head-jars. Credit will always be given. Designs become my copyright and trademark. Original art is yours and is yours to keep, sell, burn, whatever.

As usual, COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Send me a PM, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. My rates are reasonable -- don't reason a cow.

Soup sock,

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