#4, Pg. 21 | Stabby Time!

#4, Pg. 21 | Stabby Time!

October 29, 2013 in Issue 4
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Author Notes:

Caley Tibbittz Collopy 22nd Dec 2013, 6:28 PM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
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SwordCat Writes | A Digital Letter Column

One page to go to the finale of issue #4, boys and girls and boy-girls.

First, though, here's another comment I had to save in this complex little revamp I've been making to the site:

Lt. Locust22nd Dec 2013, 8:31 AMedit deletereply
Lt. Locust

Just sat down and read your comic from start to end. This is a wicked story, and I'm looking forward to more! One of the things that makes it so intriguing is Kathyrn's stoic nature about everything that goes on around her. Because of the immortality that she doesn't want, and because she truly wants to die, situations that would normally cause sympathy (OH NO she just got hit by a car!) are more comic than dramatic at this point. But your story-telling is so well done, I'm very interested in seeing how she develops as a character, and finds something worth fighting for - something that breaks down her stoic shield. More interesting is that for every "fight" she's been in, she hasn't been trying very hard BECAUSE she wants to perish fo' real real. I'm looking forward to a confrontation between her and an opponent (like Smiley!)(which I don't know for sure is coming, but I can dream, lol), because watching someone like her take on a goofy badass like Smiley would just be epic. There's been nothing really to hint that she is a good fighter, but her armour, weapon and immortality really heavily imply she's a badass fighter. She just lost her motivation along the way. Really interested to see where this story is going, and I'm disappointed I didn't check it out sooner. +Subbed

...and my reply:
"First, thanks so much for commenting so much as you read! I love to hear what people think. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride so far and got to know the characters, and that you're thinking about what's making Kathryn tick.

You've helped assuage some fears I had about whether the story was working in places; I think the bulk of concerns I've received regarding clarity have more to do with spotty updating than the material itself, which is seeming to read well in a big chunk.

In regard to Kathryn's fighting ability, she is holding a lot back/not bothering. The only thing that's really shown that she could fight fantastically is in issue #1, when she takes down cops Cheri and Johnson in one fluid motion.

Rest assured, her full unbridled badassery is coming, and it shall be glorious.

Thanks so much for subscribing as well -- you're #100! Yay for big round numbers."

...I will eternally regret MacKnight's damn clock collection. Filling that space was a time-consuming ass-pain. This still would have been up on Monday, but I fucked up the first two versions of panels 2 and 3. The third time was the charm; I'm glad it wasn't the bloody fourth.

Also, I got bored of drawing shadows, so I decided to have a bored Smiley search for and locate the light switch off-panel, and then mock them for the unnecessary pomp of the candles' uplighting.

The script originally called for the stabbing itself to be an understated affair resulting in tendrils of metal creeping out under
MacKnight's skin, and then Mr. Linwood prompting Smiley to heal MacKnight. That approach survived at least the last seven edits to the script, but when it came time to thumbnail, it bored me.

I opted for splashy comic book-y pizazz instead. I regret nothing.

The issue #4 finale should be up later this week -- after that, I'll take a 2-week break from new pages, but there will a lot of
cool updates and announcements, so do check in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Issue #5 starts with the cover on 11/15, and a NEW PAGE 11/18!

As usual, COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Send me a PM, or hit me up on Face-
book or Twitter. My rates are reasonable -- don't reason a cow.

Soup sock,

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