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"I have swords." -Kathryn "Artemis" Kennedy


Age: 1,012  Powers: Immortality; Healing touch; Can speak any language; Magic ring capable of absorbing and recreating armor and weapons


Occupation: CEO and owner of OmegaCorp. Formerly held title of Artemis in the ranks of Oberon's Knights; now operates as a rogue Knight.


History: Kathryn was born Kathryn Ronea O'Brian in 994 A.D. Ireland. The daughter of Irish royals Brian Boru and his queen Gormflaith, she grew up in a castle hidden from the outside world by Oberon's magic. She was guided by her father and by Wulf, the captain of the guard. Wulf trained Kathryn to be a fierce warrior, despite King Boru's misgivings.


Castle Boru fell to demons in 1014 A.D. after King Boru was killed in battle. Kathryn, her betrothed Sir Etienne, and James Barrington led their fellow Irishmen in the battle to defend the castle. During the fight, Kathryn was struck by lightning guided to her by Karma & Fate, the elemental faerie of universal balance. Kathryn arose, now impervious to most mortal wounds. She resumed fighting to save Castle Boru. Many were killed, including Etienne.


Wulf came to aid Kathryn and help save Castle Boru, but he was too late. Kathryn told him of the lightning; he told Kathryn she was now a Squire to be trained to become a Knight of Oberon. She would need armor and her own battle paint; she took blood from the fallen Etienne and smeared it around each eye. Then she and Wulf began their work of forging the armor of Artemis in the ruins of the fallen Castle Boru...


In the present day, Kathryn has been missing for the last 5 years. She has recently returned as Artemis -- she is now violent, often fights her enemies without speaking, and threatens their victims with weapons to get them to run to safety. Tired of the endless pain of living while watching others die around her, she seeks her own death, using her battles and rescues as suicide attempts, hoping that each new death is the one that will finally end her existence.



"I was wearing panties? Huh..." -Erica Richards


Age: 26 Powers: None Skills: Detective-ing, slutting, multiple orgasms


History: Erica Jane Richards witnessed her sister's abduction and mother's murder as a young child. She was adopted by Det. Richard Dawson, father of Jack Dawson and Nicky Dawson.


Erica had a troubled childhood and adolescence, but resolved to make good and become a cop like her adopted father. She flaunts her unconventional (and at time unprofessional) approach to her job, but manages to remain on the force due to her powers of observation, which make her a brilliant homicide detective.



"Bite me, dad." -Jack Dawson


Age: 25 Powers: Irish liver Skills: Dickish coppery


Jack loved being a cop's son as a young boy, but grew apart from his father Richard Dawson after he adopted Erica. He blamed his father's decision to take in the orphaned Erica for breaking up Richard's marriage to Jack's mother. But after Richard died, Jack decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the force -- for the sole purpose of hunting down his father's killer.



"I’m afraid you’re dead.  Again." -Robért Chandler

Age: 27 Powers: None Skills: Some sorcery, tea and cakes, general butlery, fencing, and paranormal research. Unflapability.


History: Robért was born in England. He is the son of Mr. Langley Chandler, also an Intellexi, and his Indian mother. He loved cars as a child and wanted to be a mechanic when he grew up. His father insisted that he join the Intellexi instead.


(Character visual development history HERE: http://eternalknights.thecomicseries.com/blogarchive/10363)



"Can't just shoot that thing anywhere you feel like..." -Richard Dawson

Age: 54 (at time of death in 1996)  Powers: None (after death: apparent walking through walls & invisibility)  Skills: Police detective


History: In the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Richard Dawson was a good detective in a corrupt NYC precinct. Artemis was an urban legend, but he knew the truth -- she was real, and she was on his side. He covered for her, and she helped him catch the tougher criminals. She was there when he was killed, leading Jack to believe her responsible for his death.


Richard has since returned to Jack -- either as a ghost, or a delusion.


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