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Try Not to Mynd the Typoes

by Caley Tibbittz Collopy

Here at Eternal Writes, we (me and my bitterness) review and recommend the best undiscovered webcomics shameless Eternal Knights plug that, well, no one is reading -- the opposite of well-produced yet hollow and terrible crap. And I simply must apologize, as we've been doing it absolutely willy-nilly. So, in case you weren't yet aware --

DANGER: Webcomics recommended may contain typos or other human errors. Please immediately stop reading any webcomic I recommend if you spot even the slightest mistake. Even the most microscopically irrelevant mistakes automatically render a work of art a compleat waste of your time.

...see what I did there? I used my smartness. If you missed it, Facebook your English teacher, meet them at a bar, and slap them SO DAMN HARD. Then, if you feel a spark,pick a safeword ("poodle" is a good choice), rent a cheap motel room, and have depraved Craigslist-y sex.

I am full of good advice. I recently recommended The Adventures of Jonas, THE GREATEST WEBCOMIC IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, a staggeringly brilliant life-reassessing work of blinding, exciting, gushing, raging, fiery genius. A friend tried it, but then flat-out refused to read further than a couple pages because, and I quote:


...because, of course, the video games, comics, and movies my friend currently enjoys have no mistakes in them. At all. Nope, they're all inspected by God and that famous chess robot before being safely released in absolutely perfect form to the general publick.


Okay. I love Star Trek. Like, I mean I fucking LOVE it. I trick-or-treated as Geordi LaForge. I have a First Contact poster in my art studio -- along with a model of the Enterprise NX-01 (it lights up and makes noises, woo!). LOVE.

 photo Nerd.jpg

You know what else I love? My Nitpickers Guides. To Star Trek. You know what my beloved professionally produced TV serieses (plural) are full of? Wait for it wait just wait a little longer are you still waiting wait okay here goes MISTAKES! ZOMG!

Everything is wonky, people. Human perfection is not really perfection; it's just better than human sloppy (not seconds, although also that). Everything you love, everything that is made by so called amatuers (I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL THAT -- MISTAKE! STOP READING NOW!!!), everything Hollywood spends hundreds of millions of dollars on, every car, bridge and skyscraper, and certainly this pathetically rambling blog post... everything is riddle* with errors.



 photo people_scarlett_johansson_212789256.jpg

You can call those God's mistakes or Nature's, I don't care. What I do care about (weakest segue ever, although not as weak as an actual Segway, which has to be the dumbest, most anti-health invention since butter) is story. That's what I care about, the art of a thing. The expression. I hope you care about it too -- and if you do, I hope you care more about those things than picking pointless nits.

Ideally, we would all know how to spell everything and never crash buses or date crazy chicks. In a perfect world, no one would ever spell athelete "athleat".

But if you consider yourself a true enthusiast, fan, or student of art and storytelling... then (ideally) a dinky-ass typo won't be all it takes to get you too pass on something that might be worlds better than the sum of it's little errors.


I used the wrong "too" on purpose, Shurlock. It's thematical. I is a genius.


Fishcakes for all,
-Caley Tibbittz

*Seriously left the "d" off. Incredible.

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