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No One Is Reading The Best Webcomic EVER

by Caley Tibbittz Collopy

No, I don't mean my totally bitchin' webcomic (yes, I'm gonna pimp it in pretty much every entry, sue me) --


-- I'm talking about freaking brilliant and staggeringly incredible and super-fantastic and stunningly stunning and witty and pretty and shockingly fun to be gawking totally rockingly great webcomic The Adventures of Jonas.


Despite your immediate confusion, no, this is not a fan tribute to the incredibly terrible brother band; it's a diary webcomic by the titular and insanely talented Jonas.




It starts out a little aimless and episodic, and even the author doesn't seem to much love the start -- but he's wrong. Even in its infancy, the strip is fantastic. His world view is unique, artistic, vibrant, smart, wonderfully blunt, and genuinely alive in a way most of us have forgotten how to be in our lives, let alone in our work. Even simple situations come across as inspired in the telling.

And the art -- my God man, woman, child, and surly teenager, the art is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. It's like Bill Watterson fell in a blender with Charles Schulz and a big dash of non-douchey alt-comics. From character to expression to rough-hewn natural linework to inventive and just plain delightful color work... it's all here. It's not somewhere else. This is the place that you get this. All the this that you need.

And once we get past the high school years... holy SHIRT. Son of a HORSE. It gets kinda... mind-blowing and life-reassessing? Soul-touching? MORE DEEPLY HUMAN THAN ANY OTHER WEBCOMIC YOU WILL EVER READ EVER?


Don't trust the Eisners; there really isn't anything better than Adventures of Jonas. It blew me away; if it doesn't reach you, you may have, in fact, died several years ago.


I'd mean, I'd definitely go see a doctor just to be sure.


Medium toast on a cracker,
-Caley Tibbittz

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