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New Update Schedule

by Caley Tibbittz Collopy

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So. Delays, am I right?


I've always been a relatively slow artist. I started posting this comic with a 5-week buffer that got eaten away as I struggled to get up to a professional working speed. Now I have no buffer, and the work speed has increased, because it has to. So, I guess I work better with no buffer.

The good news is that I've never been faster at drawing in my life. My time management was a little sloppy this week, but the latest page ( was done in just over three working days, spread out over five. Extenuating blah blahs doctor fiancee something yadda -- still, no page in the book thus far was drawn as quickly as this one. Which I'm proud of, because there were simpler pages than this. I'm getting faster.

Bad news? Well, I'm still learning. Approach, specifically; for instance, all the backgrounds on issue #2 page 2 started as horizon lines with a couple vague slants to indicate perspective, which I filled in last. It was a little tough that way, and I've since come up with a better way. I'm learning my shortcuts as I go.


I have a day job, but it's part time and I get to choose my own schedule. I've been taking Mon-Wed off for comics, and part of Thurs. I've decided to change it: it will now be Mon-Tues for comics, day job Wed, part of Thurs on comics, and Friday off for comics. I work weekends, but I can get the lettering done at work when I need to. I think breaking the week down into two 2-day intensive comic sessions will get more finished pages out (on time, even).

This latest page would have been up Thurs at the latest, but when I started on Mon, the thumbnail/breakdown wasn't done. As I said, no buffer is good for me, but I do need a thumbnail/breakdown buffer. I'll get ahead of myself on that. The other thing that bogged me down was too many references/Easter eggs. I have trouble not doing this sort of thing: the store behind Julia shows up again in year 3 of the book, the booted lady shows up about a year later, and the family in the last panel is from another comic I worked on. I could have saved quite a bit of time paring this down to essentials -- I'll try to do so after the next page (trust me, the next page needs it).

To match my new working schedule, I'm changing the update schedule. It's still (trying to be, let's be fair) twice weekly, but now it will be every Wed and Sat. In theory, I will draw Monday, ink Tuesday, and letter Wed. Then I will draw part of Thursday, ink Fri, and letter Saturday. Updates will tend to be late in the day, but better that than no updates or only one per week.

This is my life's work. I am dedicated to this. I was up 'til 1am last night whiteing out mistakes, and spent this morning lettering while at work. And after work. Eternal Knights will keep coming. This is my first ongoing, and I'm doing everthing myself. I'm tired, but I do love it.


Please bear with me, and keep reading.

Soup Sock,
-Caley Tibbittz

Soup Sock,
-Caley Tibbittz


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